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If you were in Thailand such as Pattaya or Bangkok perverting you not only think about your safety, but also at the other! But even for a sex vacation in other countries you should prepare yourself well. 

Here I have listed a few inexpensive bulk packs condoms for you, so you also come back healthy home! 

Another travel gear for a camping holiday, hiking holiday, and others you can find on my link for mountain lovers and in my categories listed below.


Very good outdoor equipment with high quality you can buy at

Mammoth - buy at - Ausrüstung für Klettern, Bergsport und Outdoor




Durex condoms


Vitalis Strong Condoms


EXS Magnum condoms


London condoms


Billy Boy condoms


Equipment for your hiking an swim holiday in mountains

Backpack for hiking:


Travel case:


Walking sticks


Walking boots:


Hiking socks:


Wind Vest:


Waterproof jacket 


Ladies wind vest


Sleeping bag Waterproof:




Camping stove:










Eyeglass cleaning cloths:


Cameras and Accessories





Battery, Power Bank:


Charging cable:


Memory Cards:


Memory card case:






Flash attachment:


Waterproof travel bag for cameras:


Other equipment for your travel and tours



Laptop bag:


Tablet PC:


External hard drive:


Amazon Fire Tablet:


Equipment for swimming, snorkelling, surfing, scuba diving

Snorkelling Set:








Sun cream:




Diving Suit:


Equipment for emergency!

Autan, insect repellent:


Association Set:


Sun cream:


Manicure and pedicure set:


Leatherman multitool Charge:



Checklist holidays
Download Free travel and checklist! Tick what you have already packed. What papers and other things should be in your hand luggage? Liquids must be in hand luggage in a closed bag (container) with a maximum total of 1 litre! In addition, individual bottles must be no larger than 100ml in the bag! (International regulations on flights) 
checklist vacation.pdf


Buy climbing equipment


Outlet at



You may be interested!

To all destinations, there are great travel reviews and information on visa, attractions, highlights, nightlife, viewpoints and transfer and accommodation. 


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