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Travelogue Similan Islands Tour 


In the Andaman Thailand the nine islands in the Similan group are. It offered on Phuket various day trips to the islands. A very nice day trip for snorkelling and see the turtles under water, is the trip on the Koh Huyong island.

You will be picked in the morning 7:00 to 8:00 at your hotel on Phuket and taken to the pier. After you have checked in at the pier, you can drink free coffee and tea there and have small snacks to eat. At 8:30 pm you will by speed boat to the islands, where you will arrive around 9:30 pm at the Koh Ba Nga and can snorkel for 30 to 40 minutes. Then we move on to Koh Similan Island. Here you can relax and comfortably enjoy their lunch buffet. At 13 o'clock it goes to the Koh Miang Island and the second snorkelling site. Koh Miang you can take 1.5 hours to visit the national park or get a tan on the beach in peace. A little higher, you can take great pictures of the island. After this stay, unfortunately it comes back to the pier where you will be driven by a VIP bus to your hotel.


Costs and Notes

Prices for day trips incl. Food and drinks are at 2,000 baht per person.

If you want to book a trip and see the turtles, then be sure that you visit the island of Koh Huyang and the special place.

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