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Phuket is a must for any Thailand travellers. 

In Phuket there are next to islands for snorkelling and diving, also a National Park and a wide range of shows, nightlife, bars and discos. The island of Phuket has an International Airport, where you can arrive from all over the world. 

Even on land can be reached Phuket. The flight from Bangkok to Phuket about 1 hour 20 minutes and costs about 50 €. On the surrounding islands of Phuket in the Andaman Sea, you will find charming coves and beaches with crystal clear water. 

On location in Phuket, you can conveniently book trips for diving and snorkelling to nearby islands. The islands around Phuket have very nice bungalows and accommodations to offer. Patong is the most popular party area on Phuket. 

There are annually over again German visitors to this island of Phuket to the Bangla Road to party and enjoy the nightlife between Gogo Girls and Bar Girls.


New Year's Eve in Patong, party centre on Phuket and Celebrations in the Bangla Road

Very many tourists, full clubs and an incredible party atmosphere is to be found on New Year’s Eve in Phuket in the city of Patong. For all those who love to be in this crowd on the streets, should Patong on Phuket. I found the Beach Party at best, as all stormed back after the fireworks in the Bangla Rd. Which of Phuket Town on New Year's taking the bus to Patong should know that the earliest bus at 6am again only moves back and ask for taxis for a private ride sometimes loosely 2000 THB. I was running after 12 hours and celebrate at 3 am already really tired because we wanted to pay two or three thousand baht for the 10km back, we waited until our bus at 6 o'clock came.

For the discos on Phuket admission prices from 400THB are not uncommon and the beers also cost 200THB times.


Phuket travel, Phuket trip reports and Phuket`s Highlights

Sights, viewpoints and highlights from Phuket

Learn more in my trip report on the sights and highlights of Phuket. Plan your family vacation on the beautiful islands around Phuket or experience exciting safari tours. To learn more about the nightlife on Phuket and where you best enjoy the nightlife on the island of Phuket and can experience? All about the parties in Phuket Town and the legendary hot Nightlife between Gogo Girls and Girls Bar in Patong, Bangla Road experienced in my trip report.


Phuket Island tours, Phi Phi Islands trip

You want to experience Phuket islands and visit? The Phi Phi Islands tours are the real highlight on your Phuket trip for couples and the whole family. Let yourself be seduced by the breath taking island scenery, beautiful beaches and bays of the Phi Phi Islands and enjoy a unique travel experience. All information about Phi Phi Islands trip, the complete day tour, you can read in my trip report on the Phi Phi Islands.


James Bond Island tour, tour and tour report

The James Bond island tour is the perfect destination for our cavers! Experience a beautiful day trip to James Bond Island with canoeing through the caves, the caves are in the rock of the islands. Visit the mangrove forests on the James Bond Islands Tour and get a unique insight into the flora and fauna of the island territory. The James Bond island tour is also a great highlight and destination for the whole family. Read more about the day trip and on the James Bond Islands in my trip report.


Phuket Similan Islands tours, excursion report, highlights and Viewpoints

Diver’s paradise for snorkelling friends Similan Islands is the right destination on Phuket when it comes to coral reefs and colourful fish. In my trip report on the Similan Iceland tour to learn more about the day trip and the itinerary. The Similan Islands offer great highlights and attractions for a family holiday trip, but also for adventurers and singles. The beautiful beaches and bays provide ideal swimming conditions. Relax while your children enjoy themselves on the beach in the crystal clear water.


Phuket Holidays on the Raya Islands, travelogue, Hotels

The Raya or Racha Islands are another highlight on Phuket travel. The beautiful beaches and coves of the Raya Islands offer great conditions for a beach holiday. In addition to the exercise of water sports you can just relax on the beautiful sandy beach and get a tan. In my vacation report, you can learn more about a trip to the islands and Raya good hotels and accommodations.


Phuket diving paradise Khai Nai Island, tour and travel information

Khai Nai Island is a small but beautiful island near Phuket. The island Khai Nai is a great place for swimming, diving and snorkelling. For a family holiday in Phuket, the trip to Khai Nai Island offers optimal. The tour is usually offered in combination with the Phi Phi islands, but there are also individual trips to the island. With a speed boat ride from the Phuket to Khai Nai Island takes about 20 minutes.



Phuket Town, bus station and travelogue, Buses from Phuket Town to Patong


Phuket Town to Patong leave every hour from 7 to 18 pm 50 THB buses. The journey takes depending on traffic about 1 hour. Patong back the buses start at the same station where you arrive from 6 to 17 PM. The stop in Patong is at the end of Ruamchai Rd., Across from the Hard Rock Cafe Phuket.


Hotels Phuket Town, near the Bus Terminal 1

For Inexpensive accommodation near the bus terminal 1, the bus station is located on the opposite side of the road in the (Phang NGA Rd.) At Royal Phuket City hotel.

Royal Phuket City Hotel

Blue Monkey Hub

Bhukitta Hotel and Spa


Ekkamon Mansion

Here is the room 500THB the night and is equipped with a TV, shower, toilet and WiFi. At the door, you can attach a padlock. For those who expect luxury, the accommodation is a convenient and quiet apartment. Book Ekkamon Room

Ekkamon Apartment


Massage in Phuket Town

Again, you can find a massage parlor in almost every street. Kim`s Massage and Spa Kim`s Massage and Spa on Facebook Soi Surin Rd. Is the THIP NUADTHAI massage parlor. Here you get a great foot massage for 250 THB while you surf with your mobile phone on the Internet.


Where you can book on Phuket trips?

Near the bus terminal 1 in Phuket are a few booths and travel agencies. There are smaller stalls Flyers for travel to many roads, but I would not book anywhere. You will be giving everything Booked (Tools, details) written on the bill. If your tour is not so proceed as planned, complain nor with the guides on site. It is often resorted here in their bag of tricks and sometimes claiming that your speedboat was no longer to book and should therefore be run with the normal boot. The reason: "we tried to inform you by phone," should not pull you! However, we have chosen to stay on the normal boot and given the difference in travel expenses reimbursed.


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