Living in Thailand 


Living in Thailand

House or apartment? Rent or Buy?

In Thailand allowed a "German" (farang) do not have a reason. 

There to buy a house, you need a partner in Thailand, for example, a wife, with the house (bar, club,) can buy.

Disadvantage: If the woman is not like, you can also arise from losses. However, you may have even from the first floor called Condos (apartments). 

So that you are "The Boss".

Important is!

The thing you should be sure and face possibly the following questions:

  • What would / can I spend?
  • As I assure the whole with respect to fire, natural disasters?
  • How do I secure my future I living? Work?
  • Health insurance?
  • Furniture pick up or buy yourself? How much is the shipping? Inch?
  • Driver's license? Bank account?
  • How good is my English or Thai?
  • What about if I have been an age where you could no longer work?


If I forgot something, "Germany" vs Thailand


What Do / need / I have here and how it is there?


What does a flat in Thailand?

Of course, the cost of an apartment in Thailand are different, depending on the size, location, and Equipment of the apartment vary between the cost 500.000Baht and 50.000.000Baht in Thailand. Pattaya is a beautiful 2-3 bedroom apartment costs about 2.5 million baht. but you also get cheaper housing for 800,000 baht.


How much does a house in Thailand?

The house is exactly as in the home. A beautiful house with pool and garden you get usually in Pattaya and surrounding areas from 4.000.000Baht. They get very beautiful villas in Thailand from 150.000Euro ie circa 6.000.000Baht.