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Everything about the River Kwai Bridge.

The railway construction was made famous by the terrible events of the Second World War. The highlight of the trip is the ride on the so-called Death Railway. It goes over the bridge through a beautiful landscape near the Burmese border, through the valley of the River Kwai and the fantastic wood parking position where the train has to drive slowly and you can hear the rattling wooden beams. The two-day tour is offered many times to be there with lunch and night, well worth it once.

Erawan Waterfalls and National Park

Also visit the Erawan Waterfalls National Park, north-west of Kanchanaburi. There are 7 consecutive waterfalls, extending over a length of 2.5km. The climb is well worth it, take this urgent sturdy shoes with and think of the swimsuit. A backpack for hiking is also for the benefit and hold a camera to the stunning views and scenery. The entrance fee is for Farang`s (western foreigners) at 300 THB (7.50 €).


Hotel / Accommodation for the Erawan National Park


Facebook Link to Suriyan Farm

Right in the Erawan National Park you can rent bungalows. If you have not booked and you get nothing there, you can get just outside beautiful rooms and houses to stay. The Suriyan farm about 5km from the Erawan National Park in Tha Kradan is just off the main street where you can shop and eat can. A top-equipped to stay with shower, TV, WiFi, refrigerator and very good beds. A bungalow there costs 1200THB the night and it runs daily from 8 am, every hour, a pick up truck to the falls for 50THB pp. You have to plan there is also free WiFi to your other vacations to book excursions to send photos or watch YouTube videos. We used the internet, among others also listen to music and cozy a drink on the balcony.

Who wants to take the 8 o'clock bus in Kanchanaburi back to Pattaya, should be previously ordered one day a taxi or a driver to the bus station, as you need for the 70km back an hour. There continue until 8 am normal pick-ups for boarding around!


Bergfreunde.de - Ausrüstung für Klettern, Bergsport und Outdoor

Buses to Kanchanaburi


It drives a bus company Srimongkol Konsong between Rayong and Kanchanaburi which also connects Pattaya with the popular tourist destination on the River Kwai.


The bus runs twice daily return route (Rayong-Ban Chang-Sattahip-Pattaya-Aoundom-Phaknum-Pharpadeang-Bangkok Rama II Rd.-Nakhon Pathom-Ban Pong-Kanchanaburi) and the same route.

In Pattaya, the bus starts at 9.30 am and at 19.30 at the bus station in the 3rd Road. Travel time is about 6 hours and costs THB ca.240. 

Exactly where the bus is, you should call and ask to reserve the bus tickets or pick one day before. Kanchanaburi at the bus station Bho Kho Sho the bus goes back at 8:00 pm and at 17.00 on Pattaya to Rayong.

Phone number:. 081-879 8333 081-876 7770


The waterfalls in the Erawan National Park are a super fun for everyone, whether young or old. The smaller fish in the water nibble on your feet, but only if you do not move. At level 4 in the Erawan National Park, you can slip off the rocks into the water. Be careful when climbing on the wet stones. Thus the Erawan National Park is clean, a deposit on drinks (max 2) in the amount of 20 THB is provided from the 2nd stage, this you have to spend, because there is then no dustbin. Eat must leave, this will get back when you return there. They are registered by name at a number in a book. The number is written on your bottle to make sure that you take the bottle back with you. After flagship of the bottles you will get your deposit and your food.


Stay in a houseboat on the reservoir of the dam and Si Nakharin rent for a long time.


Link to the houseboats

From the bus station in Kanchanaburi, you can drive for THB 200 per person with a pick up or a taxi to the reservoir in the district (Amphoe) SI Sawat. The 70km distant 1534km ^ 2 large reservoir located Rattanakosin National Park Chaloem. The travel time from the bus to the reservoir is about 1 hour.

Features of houseboats

The houseboats are available in various sizes and configurations, all of which have a power generator and a gas cooker, pots and pans, barbecue, fans in every room, a toilet and shower, and sleeping quarters.

Several houseboats Overview (Thai)

We had 6 a houseboat with three separate bedrooms for 3500THB the night. For 300 THB we got two talents of ice for our chest on the boat to keep cold for our drinks and our food. After we were down in the evening on the lake out, we made it cozy with music. Cheaper and more beautiful it is to grill themselves and to cook, so we have freshly bought our food in Pattaya at the fish market and the Lotus and transported in coolers. There are also daily boats to houseboats down and sell drinks and food and bath accessories, beers, vodka Smirnoff, wines and goodie there is plenty to buy. You also have the option to houseboats to order food.


One drawback, it is unfortunately that the Thais in Kanchanaburi hardly speak English and it is to the advantage if you have your Thai woman there. There are in Kanchanaburi Si Sawat no money exchange offices (No Money Exchange there), so you should use a credit card for ATM machines or plenty of cash with you!


Water sports and Jet ski ride on the reservoir


You have the option on the reservoir of Si Nakharin dam for water sports, but very expensive. Half an hour Jet Ski ride costs about 2000THB. You can pass the time with fishing on the reservoir, can tan or go swimming in the lake. Some houseboats have water slides and there is also mooring with bathing paradise for children about climbing in the water with slides and diving boards.


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