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By speedboat or a luxury cruiser? However, you can also make a ferry tour.

What is the cost of the day trip to the James Bond Islands?

The tour by speed boat costs about 2,000 baht. Here you have more options and a lunch on an island, also traveling by speedboat to better beaches for applying. However, on the ferry you have music and lunch on the boat. The day trip costs about 1,500 baht by boat.


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Is started again in the early morning 7:00 to 8:30 by a pick up at your hotel, which will take you to the Ao Por Pier. The boat (ferry) is equipped with a sound system for a party atmosphere, cooler for drinks, a toilet and of course fruit. Everything included in price. The first ride takes about 45 minutes. For Canoeing Point Panak Iceland. There you visit the caves in the rocks and go on canoe through the mangrove forest. In the narrow dinghies two tourists and a Thai driver who will take you through the stunning and unimaginable caves fit. The removed through the water rocks, thereby assume different forms, including that of a hanging penis, head of an elephant and even a duck.

Here, however, one should not go into the water for swimming, because there are jellyfish there. After the first stop and the canoe trip we went to the famous James Bond Island . Here we switched to a smaller long boat that brought us to the island. On the island we visited the Khao Phing-KAN caves and took pictures of the James Bond Island which is in the AO PHANG-NGA National Park. 

After one hour stay and running we were getting hungry, so we took our boat to a larger, with a kitchen on board, where we then handed over our food. There were onion rings, chicken thighs, rice and vegetables and curry to eat. After a rich lunch we went to our second place canoeing Hong Iceland. In the great dark cave we drove with headlights and flashlights to see. On the ceiling of the cave thousands of bats, a slightly musty smell nostrils and we amazed looked at the inner walls of the caves were located. Of course, the mobile phone and the camera could not be missing at this unique incredible experience to be documented. After a hot and tiring day cooling off in the water should not be ignored, we then drove to a suitable place to swim and relax at Lawa Island.


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