Emigrate to Thailand, Living in Thailand and working in Thailand


Emigrate to Thailand. The way in another country is good to think and plan ahead! What to look for when emigrating to Thailand and what you all knowledge should learn here in my report. The basic requirement is, of course, a hotel, such as an apartment or house in Thailand and a secure continuous financial income. If one has a lot of money, it is usually easier to overcome the hurdles, as if one has little or no money. In addition, Thailand is not Germany! You should also worry about how it is in Thailand, if they even have a heavier accident or are seriously ill. If you already have a corresponding private medical insurance that covers everything when you live there? If you are already retired and your safe and ample pension for life in Thailand and the emigration to Thailand or you must still make money?


House or apartment in Thailand to buy

They want to Thailand Emigration and consider what you should take into account everything? You think just like it is in Thailand to buy a house or an apartment? Assure? Costs? All this and more about life in Thailand learn in my report.


Working in Thailand

Are you considering emigrating to Thailand? To but do not have enough money won the lottery for the rest of your life to bridge it. Therefore, you need knowledge about working in Thailand and how they can make the best! Self-employed work in Thailand and a shop open as a bar, a restaurant or a club? Or do you prefer to work as a clerk in a factory in Thailand?


Driving license in Thailand

You want to emigrate to Thailand and live there? Now, this includes the means to move a car or scooter. Learn more make in Thailand for driver's license and what possibilities there are for driving in Thailand.