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Thailand has something magical when you've been there once you will come back! Thailand simply enchant your senses with beautiful women and breath-taking landscapes, islands and attractions. Life in Thailand must have just seen, because what you see there, you can tell by the naked, not believe. Discover Thailand, to find flights, hotels, booking holidays on 123Booking , 123Reisen or Travel Offers.


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Thailand Attractions


Thailand's attractions, highlights and destinations

Get an insight about the destinations and attractions in Thailand. Learn more about the highlights and travel offers in my travelogue about Thailand's attractions. Plan your family vacation, single vacation or adventure holiday easily by my travel information. I reports on super destinations and what you visit and experience can do everything in Thailand. Thailand offers countless attractions such as national parks, temples, viewpoints and islands. A great diversity of diverse animals and beautiful tropical plants. Discover Thailand's flora and fauna in Safari tours through the beautiful Thailand


Thailand's nightlife and party destination Pattaya City

A very popular men's paradise and destination for singles and retirees is the city of Pattaya in Thailand. The city of Pattaya is world through its wide range of beer bars, Gogo bars and other nightlife options such as discos and Table dance known bars and clubs. If you are looking holiday in Thailand to a party, then you are exactly right in Pattaya! All the elements, details of a spectacular party holiday in Thailand's Pattaya City, you can read in my trip report. There you will find everything worth knowing about the bars, clubs, Girls, transfers, islands and much more.

Thailand's highlight and Travel paradise Phuket

Thailand's beautiful islands can be found around Phuket. Phuket is a large island in Thailand with beautiful surrounding islands for diving, snorkelling and swimming. In my travelogue about Phuket learn more about the islands, the excursions, the island tours and nightlife. These include the Phi Phi Islands and the James bond island tour and the Similan Islands and the Raya Islands. Phuket`s Party Patong is one of the most popular party hot spots of Thailand. There you can enjoy a dive in the Bangla Road the afterlife. - Ausrüstung für Klettern, Bergsport und Outdoor

Information for Thailand! What many do not know!


In Germany, the transfer from the airport in Thailand is offered to the hotel when booking the trip happy, but far too expensive. (60 € per person per trip from Bangkok to Pattaya) The cost is normally 500THB (12.50 €) by taxi. Also at the airport, you should not pay more for a cab than 1000THB to Pattaya. If you book your holiday travel even on the internet, you will come away on the cheap! Every travel agency wants to get a part also a piece of the pie and thus makes your trip very expensive. Especially at a relatively cheap country where you get a lot for your money, you should not waste it pointless. Asia Travel you will find useful websites to organize transfers and reserve. Just take a look at Travel Offers, there you will find good and cheap tickets for your travel. In my travelogues links are integrated for trips and tours, so the quickest and easiest way to your destination.


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Thailand tours in Kanchanaburi

Looking for a nice destination, isolated from the red light district, for hiking and to visit? Kanchanaburi has many great attractions such as national parks, lakes and waterfalls for a great family vacation. In my travelogue about Kanchanaburi learn everything to stay on the reservoir in the houseboats, my visit to the Erawan National Park of Thailand and the highlights.

Capital of Thailand

The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. In and around Bangkok, there are countless destinations to visit and hike. A holiday in Thailand's capital offers not only good shopping malls for shopping, but also stunning temples with beautiful golden statues. There are in the capital of Thailand is also a well-known party and the red light district with the name Nana Plaza. In my travelogue about Thailand's capital Bangkok to learn more about the bus stops, the highlights and the nightlife.


Emigrate to Thailand info

You want to emigrate to Thailand? Emigrating to Thailand you should first plan very well! In my report to emigrate to Thailand to learn more about the driving license in Thailand, the house or apartment purchase in Thailand and working in Thailand.

Buses in Thailand from Bangkok to Pattaya


Bangkok also called "City of Angels" is the capital of Thailand. From a small fishing village a metropolis has emerged, with skyscrapers and breath-taking temples and countless shops. Since the opening of the international Suvarnabhumi Airport in September 2006, come and go flights at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand. Since the Suvarnabhumi Airport is better situated to Pattaya, which takes since only about 1h 30 min. It leave every hour and every day the little VIP buses at the bus station in Bangkok with station number 316 for 140 baht to Pattaya. Just buy ticket, boarding and waiting for the onward journey. The trip to Naklua takes depending on traffic about 2 hours. More information about the three bus stations in Bangkok and the Central Station can be found in Bangkok.

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Tips for a holiday in Thailand


In the markets, the action is desired, it is known there as courtesy. In general, the journeys are in Pattaya 10 THB per person for the tuk tuk (Pick up taxis). The other trips to certain destinations are negotiable, but prices start at most at THB 100 per person. There are also taxis for overall prices. For example, it can be four to a particular place to bring (bar, hotel) and pay throughout a price you have previously negotiated.


Local, international and German cuisine in Thailand

Find out in my holiday and travel report on Thailand, where and what you can eat there. You want to eat in Thailand pizza or schnitzel with fries or fried potatoes, you'll find it in my report. What are the advantages and desserts and main courses offers the German-, International and local (Thai) cuisine in Thailand?


New Year Festival and water Party in Thailand

Great water fights and boozy parties offers New Year Songkran Festival in Thailand. It takes place every year in April in Thailand instead and the time spent with plenty of water, music and celebrations. Read more about Songkran and the exact time of the festival in my report.

Koh Samui vacation in Thailand

Family holiday on Koh Samui in Thailand. In my travelogue about Koh Samui learn more about the highlights and attractions of the island paradise.   Experience a great swimming and leisure vacation with your whole family.

Shopping in Tesco Lotus and Big C in Thailand


Anyone who lives in Thailand knows that already and for all new the info! Tesco Lotus and Big C Shopping Centres for clothes, drinks, food and household products and sports and leisure goods. Everything you need for life so you find there for good prices. It is also much cheaper to shop there than in the 7-eleven or Family Mart. In the department stores Lotus and Big C. They also can go very cheap and good food. There are also fast food restaurants such as KFC, Burger King and Mc Donald`s in Big C and Tesco Lotus. The jewellery and watches providers in the corridors at Lotus and Big C are mostly copies. So be careful! But there are also reputable dealer for gold and silver jewellery, diamonds and sapphires in the shopping centres of Thailand. There are Tesco Lotus and Big C also large packs as in the German wholesale sweets and other foods.


Islands around Pattaya, Thailand

Experience beautiful vacation time on the islands around Pattaya. Directly behind the Walking Street, the ferries to Koh Larn, an island about 8km west of the city Party. Koh Si Chang is located just above the north of Pattaya. Everything about the arrival of the individual islands around Pattaya and other information and travelogues learn in my report at Pattaya. Koh Samed is located in the south of Pattaya, and is a great highlight for bathing and adventure holidays. In Koh Samed are other smaller islands which are great for diving and snorkelling.


Hua Hin family holiday

Thailand offers many vacation spots for a family vacation and relaxing holiday on the beach. Hua Hin in Thailand is far from the wild night life and offers the perfect vacation spot for a relaxing well-being. In addition to visits to temples and national parks, you can enjoy the beautiful view of a couple of great viewpoints. The beautiful beaches of Hua Hin offer enough space for a walk on the beach and for a relaxing beach holiday in Thailand.

Holiday paradise Koh Chang

Every year coming back German tourists on the beautiful island of Koh Chang in Thailand. In addition to beautiful beaches, there are also bars for night life and German food. Koh Chang Furthermore, you can visit the National Park and dive to the coral reefs down. The island is the Eastern part of Thailand at Trat in the south. If you want to know more about the island paradise of Koh Chang in Thailand, you are welcome to read my trip report. About the button above to access the travel reports.


Taxi / fares in Pattaya, Thailand


All those listed below (coloured) streets in Pattaya are recommended for the fare of 10 Baht per person each way. Naklua Rd., Beach Rd., Second Rd., North Pattaya Rd., Central Pattaya Rd., South Pattaya Rd., Tappraya Rd ., Jomtien Beach Rd., Jomtien 2nd Rd., Thepprasit Rd., Wat Boon Rd and Chaiyapruek Rd.  On Second Rd. Pick Up `are right on Central festival if you run just a little down the road, the other drivers want to have a different price for a private ride. So if you want from Pattaya Night Bazaar for Naklua, just the few meters to taxis to go or take a scooter driver for 50 THB among other things faster is progressing. A ride on Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya costs 20 Baht per person.


Internet in Thailand


For those who reside mainly in the city, we recommend a SIM card with TruemoveH (WiFi). The SIM card costs about 60 THB and there are different to internet and telephone. I got myself for 399 THB 3GB data volume for 30 days with up to 4G speeds. In any 7eleven you can make it, but do not forget your ID does not! For travels around the country, this Internet is not recommended, since you should be making another offer in a shop for telecommunications.

Free Internet in Thailand

Many bars, pubs and restaurants have free WiFi (WLAN). Almost all massage parlours have also that you can use during your stay WiFi. Most WiFi connections have a WP2 PSK encryption and are therefore safe enough for your data exchange.


All about Thai girls, merit Bar fine and Lady drinks. Good to kwow in Thailand.


What are Lady Drinks?

Lady drinks the same drinks as the others. The only difference between the Lady Drinks and regular products, is the price. The Lady drinks the price difference to the normal drink what the Thai gets as commission. For this reason, the Thai girls are luring also motivates tourists to the bars and clubs.

What's bar fine?

You have often heard from bar fine and trigger a barmaid or Gogo Girl in Thailand and want to know more about it? Well, you pay for work exemption of a Thai woman in Thailand a trip each day or shift. This release is called bar fine. Most often, the woman gets a small percentage as commission to also increase sales and attract more men into the bars and clubs and tow. Many young women in Thailand are trying to convince for long term and to earn more men. Some Thai women return even with long-term, according to their "business" to the next to back through excuses in your work. Others steal even the one time or another. (Hearsay)

If you have a Thai long time with you, you can also re-negotiate the price. You can bypass the Bar fine in Thailand also by inviting the woman to your layer or a Thai in a cafe or get to know while shopping and at the disco.

Additional costs of a Thai woman are for Short Time and Long Time.

There are at ST (Short Time) and LT (Long Time) differences between the freelance ladies  (Freelancer) on the road, the bar girls and Gogo Girls.

How long is Short Time?

Short Time is usually along the lines of "you come, they go." However, usually 2 to 3 happy hours are two of it. 

How long is Long Time?

Long time is usually for a day or your trip in the evening until your next layer. Of course, you just go as a gentleman on for a good lunch or breakfast. In Long time are so many laps in it how pleasurable and has mood. 

Prevent, or at least without a condom?

Clearly it?! In this traffic in Thailand or in similar establishments, of course, safe sex is the most important order of catching any diseases and to give any further. In my shop for equipment you can do you any good and cheaper large packs condoms order. 

Freelancer (street women) in Thailand

Older women. Attention! Since prostitution in Thailand is prohibited. These freelancers are on the Beach Road in Pattaya, mostly in the evening from 18 pm. The advantage for a freelancer that pay no Bar fine.

ST (Short Time) approx. 500THB

LT (Long Time) ca.800THB

Bar Girls in Thailand

Bar fine between 200 and 500THB

ST about 500THB-1000THB

LT ca.800THB-2000THB

Gogos in Thailand

Bar fine between 500 and 1500THB (On Phuket, in Patong even 2000Baht for 3 hours)

ST ca.1000THB-1500THB

LT ca.1000THB- (3000THB)


The Partner Program

Money with Links: Become a partner of!


Massages in Thailand, Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya


After exhausting trips and travel in Thailand a nice relaxing oil massage is just right! Let a massage for 300 baht in Thailand for 1 hour. There are foot massages, body massages, hot stone treatments and many more massages. In Thailand, such as Pattaya City's Bangkok You can find massage parlous in every street. For men, there are of course also special extras. Surcharge from 200THB the girls are very fixated on your link and make the soft to hard and the hard to soft; )

Prices for these special massages are again hearing. 

Directive: Hand job about 200THB BJ about 200-500THB

Sex ca.500-1000THB

Wellness and sex holiday in Thailand


In Pattaya, Thailand you have the option to rent a room with a hot tub or Jacuzzi, king-size bed with 1 or 2 Thai ladies. 

Large packs of condoms .

You can find prices and more information:

Dream Teen Massage Service

Darling Massage and Spa

Dream Heaven Massage


Why bars and clubs hanging from the ceiling do bells in Thailand?


Ring Bell is called the whole.

Ringing of the bell at a bar or a Go-go. Almost all bars and GoGo clubs have a bell that you can ring the bell. Means to ring the bell that you pay for each Barwomen or GoGo Girl Lady a drink. In many establishment also fixed prices for the ringing are posted, for example, it costs 1000THB here.

Earn Gogo`s in Thailand more than German engineers?

In fact Gogo Girls have a very good income in Thailand. Since most are not only pretty, but also know to sell.


A Thai (Gogo) has, on average, ie five men in one evening and gets 2000 THB (50 €) per man, at 20 working days in the month makes 5000 €.

Adding to the drinks and the occasional pocket money at that, plus the Bar fine stake, a Gogo Girl comes a month to over 5500 €. One can assume that there is also more "traffic" in one way or another lady. However, one should also know that in the off season not so many tourists, women can greatly affect the sales of the Thai and they need to make provisions for this time. 

What deserves a bar girl in Thailand?

Why many women in Thailand to pursue this job is the relatively good income in the fallow and the chance to know a Farang to learn to bind.

Monthly fee is about 6000 THB a month

Merit for drinks: about 20 days a month five drinks in the evening x 30 THB = 3000 THB (77 €) Tripping share: approx THB 100 per time x number of days in the month = 10000 THB (257 €) Short Time Income: 5 x 15 days x 500 THB = 37500 THB (962 €)

Long Time Income: 1 x 5 days x 800 THB = 4000 THB (102 €)

Makes a total of about 60500 THB (1,552 €) per month

Depending on the location of the bar until about 2000 €. 


Nightlife Thailand, bars, clubs, party and Thai women


Nightlife / Nightlife in Thailand each year attracts about 1 million German at for a hot Sexvacation and party holiday. Very well-known places in Thailand for a great nightlife in the bars and clubs are Phuket , Bangkok and Pattaya . In the countless bars, table dance clubs and discos will be celebrated until dawn. Temperatures in the evenings are perfect for the party life next to the relaxing daily schedule. The nightlife in Pattaya is well known and inexpensive. Phuket`s Nightlife is more expensive than in Pattaya and Bangkok, but the island offers great attractions, bays and beaches. Bangkok's best-known place for a night out is the Nana Plaza .


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