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The Philippines is a state and archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean with more than 7,100 islands. The island of Luzon, with more than 109k square kilometres of area, largest island of the Philippines. The many islands in the Philippines offer countless destinations for family travel and adventurers. The dreamlike beaches and bays invite for a round trip to several islands. 

Find your dream trip to Philippines Travel Booking and pick out a top selection of the Philippines out. The Philippines islands are ideal for a holiday for diving, snorkelling and relaxing. The capital of the Philippines is Manila. 

Many German, Swiss and Austrians, but other vacationers know the capital, inter alia, through the vibrant and erotic party nightlife. Every year it attracts many tourists for a long, relaxing vacation to the Philippines. The Philippines is comparable to other countries, a favourable holiday destination and why it drags many tourists there. In addition to the island and park tours, beach holidays and leisure sports you can experience the night life in the cities of the Philippines. 

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Information, visa, language, currency and passport for a holiday Philippines


Information on the visa in the Philippines 

For the Philippines is not a visa for 30 days of vacation, necessary. You get only at your arrival in the Philippines a free visa for 30 days if they can demonstrate onward or return journey. If you have a vacation in advance (max.30Tage) booked in the Philippines with round trip, you will have no problems. want to remain in the Philippines and take a vacation if you plan longer, then you must leave this visa, the immigrant-building Bureau of Immigration in Manila extend. The visa extension is a maximum to 59 days. A passport is valid for on your holiday trip beyond six months they need for both a holiday Philippines and in other countries.


Language in the Philippines 

What languages ​​are spoken in the Philippines? The official language in the Philippines is English and Filipino. In the tourist areas and in the red-light districts, women and a smattering of German language can.


What currency is needed in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, you pay with Philippine Peso (PHP) and centavos. The Philippine currency is available with the bank notes 5 pesos, 10 pesos, 20 pesos, 50 pesos, 100 pesos, 200 pesos, 500 pesos and 1,000 pesos. The coins of the Philippine currency, there are as follows: 1 centavo, 5 centavos, 10 centavos, 25 centavos and 50 centavos. 1 Peso, 2 Peso, 5 Peso and 10 peso coins. 1 Euro is equivalent to approximately 53.5 Philippine Peso PHP (as of 03.2017)


Attractions Philippines


Popular attractions in the Philippines include the stunning islands and beaches as well as the flora and fauna. The Philippines offer beautiful parks and mountains to travel, but also cities for spectacular evenings in clubs, bars and discos of the Philippines Nightlife. One of the most popular destinations and attraction in the Philippines is the capital Manila, the island of Luzon, the island of Palawan and Panay Island. On the island of Luzon cities Angeles City and Batangas City by the better prices are also known for a party holiday. The two cities Angeles City and Batangas City  you can find more with the popular Pattaya in Thailand compare, while Manila rather the city of Bangkok is like. Other attractions of the Philippines are the other parts of the island, among others Cebu.


Nightlife Philippines, clubs, bars, discos and Girls


The best places in the Philippines for a party holiday to enjoy the nightlife in the bars and clubs with beautiful women, good music and good cocktails, are Angeles City, Batangas City and Manila. Prices are comparatively high in the capital Manila for drinks and Girls. There are, as in Thailand's cities in the Philippines sex tourism. In addition to freelance ladies and ladyboys in the Philippines is also available in the bars and clubs Women accompaniment.


The nightlife in Angeles City 

Angeles City is the hot spot for your parties in the best clubs and bars between the Go Go Girls. The Fields Avenue in Angeles City is best suited for a legendary party holiday. In the side streets of Fields Avenue there are more bars and clubs Real Street and the A Santos Road.


Islands around the Philippines


Very popular in the Philippines island of Palawan is for a beach holiday and recreation. The beautiful sandy beaches of Palawan Island are very well suited to relax on the beach and swimming. In the Philippine Islands you can go water sports such as jet skiing and surfing operate. The Philippine islands are beautiful coral reefs for diving and snorkelling. A holiday in the Philippines is only by island hopping into a real adventure holiday, by the flora and fauna of the tropical islands. Experience unique and breath-taking varieties of animals under water and on land, you will be guided with a guide through the beautiful tropical forests, mountains and valleys of the Philippines.


How to get to the islands?

The island of Palawan, Luzon and the island of Cebu in the Philippines is accessible via the international airport. The flight time between airports is approximately one hour. To the other islands and coves can be reached by ferries and speed boats.


Airports in the Philippines

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Information on arrival and departure in the Philippines, which airports / Airports are available and more information.

There are three airports in the Philippines. Airport in Manila (MNL) Ninoy Aquino called, the airport on the Puerto Princesa Palawan called. Airport (PPS) and the Mactan-Cebu (CEB) on Cebu. The Mactan-Cebu Airport is located in Lapu-Lapu City on Mectan east of the island of Cebu. 

All three airports in the Philippines are international airport. The flight times between the three airports in the Philippines is approximately one hour.


City breaks Philippines


Visit and visit the cities Philippines. Make a great city break in the Philippine Islands. Experience the city by day and by night, you make one-time vacation photos and videos. Cost you in your city breaks in the Philippines the flavors of Filipino cuisine. To your city breaks you have the opportunity not only countless shopping malls to visit but also buy it. Great cities for nightlife are Manila, Angeles City and Batangas City on the island of Luzon. Read more about the nightlife, bars and clubs under Nightlife Philippines.