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The Maldives have an international airport near the capital Malé, the island itself is about 2km wide and 3km long and the airport is located on an island next to it.

At the airport, arrived in the Maldives, there are three options for onward travel to your resorts and hotels in the Maldives.


The best option is you seaplane, for this you breath-taking views of the small islands Maldives and Paradise. It lands right in front of the islands on the water.


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If you booked a package holiday to the Maldives, so take care that you will put seaplane to the island. The second transfer option in the Maldives would be the charter of a speed boat for the entire holiday. So you can explore several islands in the day, going to different places in the Maldives diving and snorkelling.

The most affordable way to get to the Maldives islands is via the ferry. 

The Hulhule ferry starts directly from the airport on the island of Hulhule. If you have booked a hotel on the island of Hulhule, you go directly through the Hulhumale Hulhule-Link Road by taxi or VIP bus there. 

There is within the airport island a bus station behind the Airport at the end of the Airport Main Road, the GADL Bus station takes you to 6 Bus stops on the island.


Travel time to the Maldives islands by ferry, see the following link MTCC transport


Atoll ferry transports and speedboat, Maldives

Atoll Ferries Atoll tickets, hours, prices


The Maldives even lie to the west of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. The archipelago consists of several atolls and 1,150 islets. Only part of the island is inhabited by locals and another part is used for holidaymakers. 

The non-stop flight from Germany takes about 9 to 10 hours and costs between 600 and 1000 euros depending on the season. 

Because of the many small islands, the Maldives are a great destination for honeymooners to spend on a private island, the common time together.

What's Atoll?

As an atoll is called annular reefs like a coral reef that surrounds a lagoon. The state Maldives consists only of these atolls. 

The Maldivian atoll Thiladhunmathi-Miladummadulhu has the largest lagoon and reef area with 3850 km ^ 2.

However, the largest atoll structure with a total area of ​​12650km ^ 2, the Great Chagos Bank.


Visa, Language, Info and passport for a Maldives holiday


For a holiday in the Maldives German citizens need a valid passport for 6 months. 

You need for a short break in the Maldives not apply for visas, because for 30 days you get a normal entry visa.

Language in the Maldives

As the Maldives is an Islamic island nation in the Indian Ocean, Dhivehi (Maldivian) is spoken there. However, the second official language is English.


Hotels in Malé, Maldives

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Leisure and sports activities in Maldives

The Maldives is not only a paradise for divers, but particularly water sports enthusiasts come at your expense. Kite surfing you should book a holiday in the Atoll Olhuveli.

From May to October, the best times for Kitetravel are there in the Maldives. If time is not enough wind to be present, it can be good snorkelling and diving at Olhuveli. But you can take also take the time to jet skiing or wakeboarding.

Go further activities such as kayaking, play tennis, exercising, playing darts or relax in the spa, leave nothing to be desired.

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Surfing Maldives, Surf holiday Maldives, Surfing Maldives vacation


Surf Holidays on the Lohifushi Islands is a paradise.

A Luxurious surf spot on the island Hudhuranfushi offers the highest level of surf conditions for experienced surfers and beginners with some surfing experience.

The surf camp on the island Hudhuranfushi is equipped with a great resort and offers close to numerous world-class waves, which can be reached by boat in 10 to 30 minutes. 

Among the most famous waves:

Lohi's Breakfast, Maldives

This left point break will make your heart beat! Lohi's up to 180m long waves can bring you with its different sections the ride of your life.

Sultan Breakfast, Maldives

Sultan stunning right point break has the biggest waves in the area and can break up to 350m long. The 3 to 6 foot waves are recommended for experienced surfers!

Honky`s waves, Maldives

Besides Sultan is the wave Honky's a dream combination of a perfect right and left shaft. Honky's Break breaks slightly shorter than the Sultan, but powerful and has several barrel sections.

Chicken`s waves, Maldives

Another hot spot that can bring you the waves of your life is Chickens with its up to 10 seconds long left-hand barrels.

Coke's waves, Maldives

Coke's receives more swell and is usually larger than the other waves. The wave breaking steep and barrel over the reef, whereby it is suitable only for advanced surfers.


Ninja's Break is ideal for beginners The right shaft is for all those still working on their turns and prefer not to big waves, just right!


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