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Japan is well known not only for its volcanoes. There is on Japan because of its geographic location every year earthquake.

One of the most famous volcanoes on Japan's Fuji with a height of 3776m and is thus equal to the highest mountain in Japan. 

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For hikers, adventurers and especially for researchers volcano places are very coveted destinations, because there newly developed types are mostly to be discovered.

Furthermore, it has an excellent view of the mountains of Japan on the island and cities.

Japan consists of many islands, parks and most of all attractions, so it makes for a great destination for the whole family. To visit parks with animals and botanical garden covers the islands Japan. In the cities of Japan, the skyscrapers tower into the sky and on the surrounding mountains, you can see everything from above. The island chain Japan consists of four main islands Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu (Kagoshima). Japan is known for its fast trains, they make especially long distances to a pleasant trip to the nearest town.


Hokkaido, Japan vacation

Hokkaido has the perfect conditions for skiing and snowboarding in the winter. The 121 ski areas spread over Hokkaido Overall, 190 ski lifts and some 324km of slopes. The highest point of Hokkaido ski area reaches up to 1,600 meters above sea level and goes down up to 9 meters above sea level. The prices for lift pass in Hokkaido are between 12 and 60 euros, depending on the ski area. A special highlight of Hokkaido in winter is the Snow Festival in the capital, Sapporo. In summer you can take a nice bath in the hot springs of Hokkaido.


Honshu, Japan vacation

Honshu is the largest part and also the central region of Japan. 

A holiday to Hondo offers beautiful Viewpoints and especially a climb to the summit of Fuji. The capital Tokyo is on Honshu.

Tokyo skyline offers some excellent vantage points over the city by day and by night. In the metropolis there is great shopping and attractions. In Tokyo, you can visit the Shinjuku Gyoen Park. It is located near the Shinjuku train station in the districts Shinjuku and Shibuya. In winter you can ski here skiing and snowboarding, marvel at the Ice buildings the Japanese and explore.


Shikoku, Japan vacation

Shikoku is the smallest of the four main islands of Japan. Visit on Shikoku, the Golden Tortoise Castle, Matsuyama Castle, the most spectacular sight of Matsuyama. One of the largest and most beautiful landscape gardens on Shikoku is the Takamatsu Ritsurin Park in the south of the city of Takamatsu. On Ozuna Kaisuiyokujo Beach on the Pacific Ocean, you can go super bathing and swimming or on the "Stone tribune" can sunbathe.

Kyushu, Kagoshima, Japan vacation

The third largest and most populous island of Japan's Kyushu. In the city of Fukuoka are the Park Maizuru Park and Ohori near the Fukuoka Tenjin Station.

Also found in the area, is the Fukuoka City Zoo and Botanical Garden.

From Mount Sangun you can enjoy an excellent view over the city.

On the island of Amami-Oshima near Kagoshima is a great water park.

By plane you can reach the island in about 1.5 hours. With a subtropical climate, this island also offers a very special flora and fauna, which differs from the other islands of Japan. The beautiful and sandy beaches make the island the perfect destination for vacationers to swim. Besides swimming you can go kayaking will also go diving or snorkelling.


Manga, Comics originating in Japan


A dream for every manga and anime series fan is to travel to the "birth" where Yu-Gi-Oh inventor Kazuki Takahashi and Pokemon inventor Satoshi Tajiri has emerged.


Love hotels - Love Hotel, Japan


In Japan there are so-called love hotels that have arisen due to the high population density and large families. Who would even bring his family, in a small apartment, with poorly sound-proofed walls his girlfriend home? The Love hotels are located near the red light district and the motorway exits. You can get a room per night or per hour to rent. There is the love hotels in different versions, some have fantasy themes such as Disney, sports, castles, beach and under the moonlight or starlit sky.


Language in Japan


In Japan, Japanese is spoken, but the Japanese learn English in school and to get there with the English language along very well.


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Attractions and highlights from Japan

Tokyo Tower and Shiba Park in Japan

Highlights include in the district Minato Tokyo Tower. The Tokyo Tower is a Nachbaute from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Built television tower located in Shiba Park and is one of the Japanese symbol of Tokyo.

Snow Festival in Sapporo, Odori Park in Japan

Whether skiing in Hokkaido in winter or visit the snow festival in Sapporo with the stunning glowing ice sculptures, among the most beautiful moments for a holiday in Japan. Odori Park around 300 different sculptures, which are on average ten meters high and 30 meters wide formed. All participants of the winner will be announced at the end of the festival.

Fuji Mountain, Volcano, Japan Highest Mountain

Tokyo from above look completely different!


For climbers and hikers of the mountain Fuji is a great destination. 

Enjoy the view across the highest mountain in Japan over the sea and on the cities of Japan. 





Discover the diversity of nature and get to the mountain on one of the four different routes. 

There is thanks to a very good infrastructure on the mountain toilets, mountain huts and first aid stations.

The four routes for Fuji mountaintop


Yoshida to Futji summit in Japan

Yoshida it is over 1450 meters height (hm) and 7 to 8 km in length and an average gradient of 21% for 6 hours upwards. The fall time is about 4 hours. 

The route from Yoshida made is thus a pleasant, but also exhausting day tour to anyone.


Fujinomiya in Japan for Fuji summit

The shortest route with only 5km length and 1350hm is the tour from Fujinomiya, but the 27 percent slope make the rise to no easy task. 

In about 5 hours to reach the summit of Mount Fuji and meet for about 4 hours descent back into your hotel.


From Subashiri in Japan for Fuji summit

From Subashiri is uphill on 1750hm and 8km, this day trip is something for advanced climbers and hikers. The 26 percent slope make the seven-hour climb into a real experience.


Gotemba in Japan for Fuji summit

The fourth and final route starts from Gotemba. The 2,400 meters of altitude and 8.5 kilometre route is a real day trip for challengers. With a slope of 30%, you can feel every muscle in the rise! After about 8 hours of climbing you can well deserved enjoy the view from Fuji before heading back.


Fuji crater circumnavigation, hiking tour on Japan`s highest mountain

The crater circumnavigation, at an altitude of 3720m, takes about 1.5 hours and additionally makes an increase of 3km from. Make beautiful pictures from the vantage point from which you've been dreaming!


Ritsurin Park, Japan

The beautiful landscaped garden is located in the south of the city Takamatsu. A special highlight of Ritsurin Park are the ornate trees grown over the years into animal shapes. Plant diversity ranges from natural planted forests over floral creations and giant water lilies, to wide lawns and rare, stand-alone trees.

Amami-Oshima Island, Japan

On the island of Amami-Oshima near Kagoshima is a great water park. By plane you can reach the island in about 1.5 to 2 hours. With a subtropical climate, this island also offers a very special flora and fauna, which differs from the other islands of Japan. The beautiful and sandy beaches make the island the perfect destination for vacationers to swim. Besides swimming you can go kayaking will also go diving or snorkelling. There are on the island of Amami Oshima some parks to visit.


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