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Peking (Chinese Beijing) Highlights

Peking (Beijing) is the capital of China and is located in the north-eastern part of the country. The size of the city of Beijing is comparable to Schleswig-Holstein and, with its 21.5 million inhabitant’s one of the most beautiful metropolises in China.

In the north of Beijing is the Great Wall of China, this is a very popular destination for tourists. 

Beijing has other attractions such as the Forbidden City and the Imperial Palace in central Beijing. A special highlight in the centre of Beijing that you can go shopping in luxury malls next visits to the park. 

Many tourists also visit the night markets in Beijing.

The Donghuamen night market in Beijing is one of the most famous highlights. There is much to eat about spiders to snakes and scorpions. The Donghuamen night market in Beijing is located in the Forbidden City in the Doughuamen Street.

Heaven Altar you should not miss on your holiday trip through Beijing. It is located in the south-eastern part of the centre of Beijing. Near the altar, the sky attractive Longtan West Lake Park is the Beijing Teaching Botanical Garden, the Longtan Lake and Longtan Park.


Bars and clubs in Peking, Beijing


Among the attractions and highlights in Beijing at night, heard the Luxury Bar China Bar.

The bar is located on the 65th floor of a five star hotel name Park Hyatt Beijing.

A splendid ambience gives you a soothing sit together with good cocktails. Of course, the quality drinks have your prize in the luxury China Bar.

Start beers as from 90 yuan (Chinese Yuan) equivalent to about 12 euros. The snacks in the bar start at 80 RMB and the rich to 900 CNY for 30 grams of caviar.


The Chocolate night club is a good night club and restaurant at the same. Here you can dance with horny party atmosphere on the dance floor and enjoy the music. Occasional live shows make the club a popular highlight in Beijing. GoGo Girls bars (dance shows) and karaoke bars are very common in the city.


The Sanlitun Road, Beijing's hottest hot spot in the night life.

The Sanlitum Road in Beijing so knows every taxi driver, here you are in the most interesting party district of Beijing. The more than 40 bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the Sanlitum Street and in the area offer the best opportunities for great parties and celebrations. In the Sanlitum road it's hot up and party until the wee hours. Pretty women and styled teens run among others by the road at night.


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Skyline of Peking, (Beijing)

The impressive skyline of Peking (Beijing) and the tours of the Great Wall, draws thousands of tourists to millions. Very famous Tower include the 330m high World Trade Centre of China. The Zhongguo Zun with 528m height and 108 levels and the highest latest skyscrapers of Beijing.Another very impressive by the design structure, the CCTV Headquarters with an altitude of 234m.

The Forbidden City from China is in Peking

The Forbidden City is located in central Peking (Beijing) and is surrounded by a moat. The world-famous Imperial Palace is a tourist attraction for the whole family. The entrance fee is about 10 euros (60 yuan) for adults in April to October and 40 yuan from November to March.

The Royal Palace is open in the summer 8:30 to 17:00 in the winter 8:30 to 16:30. Near the Forbidden City of the Middle Sea and the Northern Sea lie. 

There are also the Qiongdao Island on the Northern Lake with the Beihai Park. Outside the Forbidden City you can visit the Jingshan Park and Zhongshan Park.

There is a German-speaking guide, where you can book a tour of the Forbidden City. Approximately 1km from the Time Square is Beijing. Beijing`s Capital Time Square is a luxury shopping mall. And the Oriental Plaza in Beijing is not far away. In just 15 minutes to walk about 1km from the Forbidden City, is the luxury department store.


The Great Wall, the largest dam in the world, by Peking

With a length of over 5.800km, the Great Wall is the largest structure in the world. Of these, the main wall measures only 2.400km length. The height dimensions and width dimensions vary along the wall. In the area around Beijing, the Great Wall on the ground about 8 feet wide and a height of 8 to 10 meters is good 4m. The towers of the wall are about 12m high and have a square face that results from a width of 6 to 9 meters squared. From the high points along the wall you have a great vantage point over the province.

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