Hong Kong vacation, highlights and attractions from Hong Kong, Hongkong`s viewpoints, nightlife and Islands

What money do I need in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong dollars will be paid with Hong Kong, where 10 euros correspond approximately to 80 HK dollars.

The city of Hong Kong is made up of several islands.

Lantau Island is among other things well known for Disneyland Hong Kong. 

On Lantau Island, the Lantau South Country Park and the International Airport of Hong Kong is located. Hong Kong Island is the largest island of the city. From the International Airport you can reach the island of Hong Kong the best and fastest with a speed boat.

A taxi also go to the Airport Road and the Lantau Highway to Hong Kong Iceland. The breath-taking and spectacular City gives you endless possibilities for an unforgettable vacation. 

Also the vibrant night life of the metropolis gives young adventurers to party and travel. The highest point in Hong Kong is the Tai Mo Shan Berg with 960m, which is located in the New Territories.


Attractions and highlights in Hong Kong

Victoria Peak, the most popular Viewpoint and attraction of Hong Kong Island

Do not miss a view from Victoria Peak to 550m, the highest point on Hong Kong Island during your trip in any case.

The Viewpoint is one of the most popular attractions of Hong Kong.

On the day you can see across glittering skyscrapers and Victoria Harbour to the green hills of the New Territories, while the pink orange panorama appears at dusk.

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Tai Mo Shan Berg, Hong Kong

The Tai Mo Shan Berg is the highest point in Hong Kong with 960 meters. From this viewpoint at 960m above sea level, have an outstanding view of the New Territories of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island and the sea.

Hong Kong Disneyland

A day pass for an adult Disneyland costs 65 euros. The opening times are from 10am until 8pm.

Ocean Park, Water and Adventure Park, Hong Kong

A great destination in Hong Kong is of course the water park Ocean Park. Admission for adults is 40 euros for a day pass.

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