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North of Tibet, the Himalayas and being known by the Mount Everest (8844,43 m), it is the highest mountain on earth.

In China it is called Qomolangma, which means: "The third queen."The Namtso Lake in Tibet is the highest salt lake with an altitude of 4718m above sea level.

In China, you have the opportunity to see on your adventure trips and adventure holidays, the big panda bear.

China`s cultural capital of Beijing is a metropolis with countless opportunities for a great holiday and shopping. Discover a breath-taking skyline and enjoy the view over the city at sunset from a skyscraper.

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China, Hong Kong holidays

Hong Kong vacation on China Travel

Experience China and visit the metropolis of Hong Kong with many highlights and destinations. Shopping Vacations in Hong Kong’s shopping centres and party holiday in the best clubs and bars in Hong Kong’s nightlife. Hong Kong is a great destination for a family holiday but also for singles and couples.


China, Beijing vacations

Beijing Holiday China Travel

Travel through China`s capital Beijing and visit the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Experience Peking`s vibrant city life in shopping malls and nightlife of Beijing. Try on your China Travel and China tours the delicacies of the country.


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5 great attractions in China

Highlights in China is the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the world-famous Three Gorges Dam, Chengdu National Park and the Longmen Grottoes.

A very beautiful destination are the night markets, with a China holiday as the Donghuamen in Beijing.

On the night market Donghuamen in Beijing there is anything to eat possible, from spiders to snakes and scorpions.


The Great Wall, the largest dam in the world

Holiday in China and a day trip to the largest dam in the world. Travelogue, pictures and information. The Great Wall of China is a top attraction and Viewpoint west of Beijing.


The Forbidden City China`s

On a trip through the capital Beijing in China to visit the Forbidden City and the Imperial Palace is one of them. A beautiful temple complex with surrounding parks and lakes. The popular and well-known night market Donghuamen is located there as well.


The world-famous Three Gorges Dam, Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River, Yangtze River

Cruise on the Yangtze River and sightseeing of the world famous Three Gorges Dam. The dam is the largest structure in the world.


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Chengdu National Park, the Blue Lagoon Jiuzhaigou

Top highlight in China the Jiuzhaigou National Park, with the spectacular waterfalls and bright beautiful lakes. In the park you will also mammals such as the panda bear.


Longmen Grottoes, capital of Luoyang, Henan Province

In Henan Province in China, there are great destinations for the whole family. The famous Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, the Hallelujah Mountains (film Avatar) in Zhangjiajie National Park and the famous and attractive glass bridge over the Grand Canyon in China.


Hong Kong, City, Skyline, islands, Viewpoints

The metropolis of Hong Kong not only impresses tourists with stunning skyline, but also with its many attractions, viewpoints and highlights. In addition to luxury shopping malls you can go celebrate in the best clubs and bars in the evening here.



Find a great Hotel / Accommodation in China

We recommend the Ascott Beijing Hotel in the centre of the city Beijing, from here it is only about 4km to the Forbidden City.


The world-famous Three Gorges Dam in China, Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River in China

The Three Gorges Dam (the Yangtze River Dam) in China with a length of 2,309 meters and a height of 185 meters one of the largest construction projects in history.

The world-famous attraction in Hubei Province, China located in the Yangtze River (Yangtze River).

The Yangtze River is 6400km the third longest river in the world and the longest river in China. A boat trip or multi-day cruise on the Yangtze River in China is highly recommended.

The excursions into the side arms of the river you can see not only the breath-taking canyons, but also make several fascinating tours of the exotic nature of China. About 40km upriver from Yichang in China is the breath-taking building.

The hydroelectric power plant of the dam is equipped with a generator capacity of around 18 gigawatts, the largest in the world. The dam in China offers besides the hydropower plant nor a lock system and a boat lift. After 13 years of construction, the dam was completed in of 2006.


Chengdu National Park, the Blue Lagoon Jiuzhaigou

In the Chinese province of Sichuan is the nature reserve of Jiuzhaigou, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1,992th.

The 72,000 hectare area is located about 300km from the provincial capital Chengdu.

In the National Park of Chengdu Greater and Lesser Panda Bear is at home. The blue lagoons of Jiuzhaigou knows every child in China, the lakes shine in a bright blue, turquoise and green.

One of the most famous lakes is the Panta, he lies about 15km south of Huanglong Airport in the field Rizhaigou. This magnificent park in western China is due to its scenic mountains, thundering waterfalls and shining lakes one of the most popular destinations for the whole family.

A very beautiful waterfall is the Nuorilang waterfall at Mirror Lake on the way to Five Flower Lake. The Five Flower Lake is also to be viewed with the trees in turquoise colored water very beautiful. In the national park monkey’s romp, rare mammals such as the giant panda, the Gold dull noses monkey and chirping numerous bird species. 

Enjoy a holiday for the summer and winter time in Jiuzhaigou Park. In winter, the frozen waterfalls are beautiful to see and you can take a walking tour through the valley of nine villages. The boardwalks along the lakes are very suitable for sightseeing.


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How do I get to Jiuzhaigou National Park in China, Chengdu?

Not far from the entrance of Jiuzhaigou National Park is located in the Sichuan Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport, and the Sichuan Airport Travel Agency.

The Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport Regional applicable in 3.450m height as the third highest airport in China.

Just a few hundred meters from the airport there are several hotels, bars and supermarkets. From luxury villas to the cheap accommodation you will surely find something for your holiday in Jiuzhaigou National Park. Tourist buses take you to most attractions. From the boardwalks that lead around the lakes and some of the lakes, you can make very good pictures. For more information here.


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Longmen Grottoes, top destination holiday experience in China

The Longmen Grottoes are one of the four most famous grottoes in China. On the Yi River 15km south of the capital Luoyang in Henan Province are the beautiful Longmen Grottoes.

Discover in your adventures holiday impressive Buddhist sculptures and reliefs, which were carved over several centuries in the limestone are. Are located in more than 1,300 caves, more than 700 niches and 40 pagodas in just one kilometre around 100,000 statues.


First, what are actually caves?

Caves are caves or cavities of small height, which were created by nature or by man. Caves are created by nature caves. The Longmen Grottoes is sculpture, the sculptures were created by man and carved into the limestone.

What are reliefs?

A relief is an artistic representation that clearly stands out from the background. The reliefs, a distinction in three different ways, depending on stand out the shapes of the base. The bas-relief, bas-relief and high relief. A less common form is the countersunk relief, here the geometric shapes, and characters are incorporated into the base. (Niches)

What are pagodas?

As a pagoda refers to a Chinese, Buddhist monument. Strikingly, these temples are due to its special roof construction.


How to get to the caves or to Luoyang in China?

In the capital Luoyang, the Sui-Tang site Botanical Garden is (Botanical Garden) and not far from the Guanlin Temple.

The Guanlin Temple is a temple dedicated and burial.

By plane or train?

The Luoyang Beijiao Airport is located in the south of the capital about 25km away from the Longmen Grottoes.

Flights from Beijing to Luoyang Beijiao Airport cost between 20 euros and 40 euros.

Good hotel centrally located in the city centre, near the park, is the Luoyang Grand Hotel and Hua Yang Plaza Hotel.

For entertainment you will find numerous karaoke bars near the hotel. There are around the corner large shopping centres to shop and go out to dinner.

By bus you can easily travel from one place to another in the capital Luoyang, also to the caves.

Buses run to, inter alia, to the train station (Railway Station) south, is located on the caves, Long way Train station for long distances. The Luoyang Longmen Railway Station will take you to the high-speed trains in the next big city.


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Zhangjiajie, Airport Hehua, Hallelujah mountains and Avatar (movie) in China

The National Park Zhangjiajie has become very well known by the Hallelujah Mountains and the film Avatar for foreigners.

The Hallelujah Mountains in Avatar were inspired by the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

Zhangjiajie is a prefecture-level city in the north western Chinese province of Hunan.

The half-million inhabitant’s city is criss-crossed by the river Lishui River and surrounded by three larger parks.

The Hehua Airport Zhangjiajie is located in the western part, just outside the city. Zhangjiajie is famous for its precarious peaks, clear streams, dense forests and large karst caves.

A special highlight is the glass bridge that extends over 400m long bridge with glass floor in 300 meters between two deep cliffs.


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