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What travel reports are available on trips to Asia? 

Asia Travel for Thailand travelogues, China travelogues, Japan travelogues, Myanmar travelogues, Malaysia travelogues, Philippines travel reviews and Indonesia trip reports. There are also reports Maldives travel, vacation destinations for your honeymoon and for a party holiday or for an adventure holiday. 


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Indonesia vacations

Dive wonderful in a holiday and travel paradise. Experience Indonesia through tours, beach holidays, tours and excursions.Learn all about a holiday in Indonesia my travelogue Indonesia. Airports and highlights in Indonesia, Bali holiday, nightlife and island tours.

Myanmar travel

Experience Myanmar! Learn more about the attractions of Myanmar Myanmar in my trip report. Information, tips, cities and nightlife. Book great tours and tours through Myanmar on TravelBooking. Family vacation, single vacation or group travel.

Travel Offers

On Travel Offers you can find tickets for buses, flights, boats and trains. Travel Offers have a great and varied selection of vacation packages, tours, adventure tours and many more tours of Asia. Also find you your dream trip through Asia and book at great prices about Travel Offers on  123booking or 123Reisen


Malaysia travel

Travel reports of Malaysia cities, tours and travel, see Travel Asia. Learn about  highlights for a Malaysia holiday. Experience Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia.Nightlife, parties and shopping malls.

Philippines vacations

Dream islands in the Philippines, party vacation and adventure travel in the Philippines. Learn more about the Philippines! Travel Philippines in my trip report. The nightlife in Manila, the capital of Philippines. Men paradise and walking holidays in Angeles City. Bars, clubs and nightlife.

Thailand vacation

Read all about Thailand vacation, Thailand highlights, Thailand viewpoints and more in my Thailand travelogue.

In my Report about Thailand you can find information for transfers, hotels and more. Find good places for your Thailand holiday. All about Nightlife in Pattaya City and Bangkok.


Phi Phi Islands

More about prices, trips and informations. That you can see in my report to the Phi Phi islands. The Phi Phi tour is a highlight in a Phuket holiday that you should miss under any circumstances!

Where you can book on Phuket Tourism best and what to look out in my Thailand trip report.

James Bond Island Tour

Prices, tips and information about the day trip to the James Bond Islands. Canoeing through the caves of the James Bond Islands is a real highlight of the trip. See photos. Learn more in my Thailand trip reports.

Attractions and highlights from Thailand

Super Excursions around Pattaya and Thailand. About parks and attractions to day trips and half-day excursions. Find out more about Zoo`s and water parks. What is the entrance fee and how to get there.

Kanchanaburi holiday

In my travelogue learn more about the houseboats on the lake of the Si Nahkarin dam in Si Sawat District. Accommodation near the Erawan National Park. And everything about my visit to the Erawan National Park. Buses to Kanchanaburi, phone numbers and schedules, prices and tips.

Pattaya holiday

Food and beers in Pattaya. Where can I find good German cuisine? Tips and Tricks! How much are the taxis? Good hotels in Pattaya? Make emigrate and driver's license. Operated bar or club? Work in Thailand. What's Barfine? What deserve Bargirls and GoGos? Ring bell? Ping Pong shows and sex shows in Pattaya.

Bangkok vacation

Nightlife, bars and the best clubs of Bangkok. 

Which hotel is ideal for staying in Bangkok's Nana Plaza? Information about the Nana Plaza District and much more, see my travelogue. All the nightlife in Bangkok, the best clubs, bars and discos.

Phuket holiday, Tours

Phuket Town, Bangla Road, Hotels, Patong, bus schedules, attractions.  What accommodations are there and what to do everything on Phuket and see you experienced in my trip report. Our recommendations to transfer and excursions learn in my trip report.

Khai Nai holiday tour

Snorkeling, diving and relaxing on Khai Nai Island.    A great holiday destination, a visit to the island Khai Nai. The small island is well suited for swimming and diving. Most day trips by speed boat will take you to this beautiful island. Read more in my trip report.

Holiday Koh Samui

Which viewpoints and attractions can be found on the island of Koh Samui? Is there really coconut culling monkey to plantations there? Learn more about the highlights at Asia Travel Thailand in my travelogue about Koh Samui!

Adventure holiday at Hua Hin

Visit the National Park Khao Sarm Roi Yot not far from Hua Hin and enjoy the unforgettable view of the mountains and the sea. Read more in my trip report.

Songkran, Thailand

Thai New Year, Songkran

All about Songkran. When and where is the festival celebrated? What is Songkran? See photos. Read more about Songkran in Thailand at my trip report.

Phuket tours, Phuket highlights

Safari tour and Viewpoints on Phuket, Tours and Highlights 

Learn more about the safari tours to Phuket in my travel reports. Visit the Trickeye 3D Museum in Phuket Town and Sirinat National Park in the north of Phuket. Read more about attractions and family holidays in my travelogues of Phuket.

Live in Thailand

Buy house or apartment in Thailand? Emigrate?

Learn to live in Thailand. Condo (Apartment) buy in Thailand? House, Villa for sale in Thailand? Offers and tips. Information and offers please see my travelogue about emigrating to Thailand.

Work in Thailand

Open shop restaurant in Thailand?

Important Tips for Working in Thailand, and opening stores. You want to emigrate to Thailand? Learn to emigrate to Thailand in my travel reports.

Similan Islands vacation

Travelogue, information, tours of the Similan Islands Family vacations, speed boat trips.                          Find out more about the national park and the worthwhile attraction bays of the Similan Islands in my trip report.

Raya Islands vacation

Holiday on the Racha island vacation paradise and bathing place travelogue and Prices.

Learn all about the trip to the Racha island in my holiday and travel report. Which hotels there are, and what it costs.

Dining in Pattaya

Which foods are available in Thailand? German cuisine and delicacies. 

Where you can eat well in Pattaya? What the courts cost there?Recommendations of restaurants and more learn in my trip report.

Beers in Thailand

Which beers are available in Thailand?

What are the most popular beers in the bars and clubs in Thailand? There is also German beer in Thailand? Which beers are there? Get this in my Thailand trip report, beers in Thailand.

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Koh Larn holiday tours

Holiday paradise Koh Larn, days of vacation in Thailand

The best hotels and beaches on the island of Koh Larn in Thailand, Pattaya. Ferry and hydrofoil, travel times and prices. Beautiful bays and beach resorts. Rent information on the scooter and good vantage points for visiting the island you will find in my trip report.

Koh Samet vacations

Holiday on Koh Samet, Thailand vacations

White sandy beaches and clear clean water for bathing, Koh Samet making it a popular destination. Even the National Park on the island is worth a visit. On the beaches there by the growing hubbub increasingly Spa hotels and resorts to stay. Read more in my trip report.

Koh SiChang vacations

Day trip to Koh Si Chang

rent scooters and to explore the island! Holiday on Koh Si Chang is a place without a lot of tourists. But make a great island for vacation and for swimming and relaxing on the beach. Learn more in my trip report on the island of Koh Si Chang, the beaches and how to get the best there.

Japan holiday

Travel highlights Japan. Hiking, Ski holidays, tours, hotels and more in my Japan trip report.

Trip to Fuji peak, Japan vacations

Read everything in my Japan trip report on the rise and descent to Mount Fuji in Japan. Learn which popular routes to the mountain summits and lead that challenge on the tours awaits you. In my travelogues you still learn more highlights for travel and for a family holiday in Japan.

Japan Islands vacations

Sapporo`s ice sculptures, Japan Travel

Travel to Sapporo, Japan for a ski holiday in winter and visit in the capital of Hokkaido (Sapporo), the fascinating and brilliant ice sculptures. Simply drive with the fast trains on Japan by a major city to the next. Read and learn more about the highlights and a vacation to Japan in my Japan trip reports.

Japan skyline, Tokyo

Japan's skyline and Tokyo City, the four main islands of Japan

Travel in the metropolis Tokyo and see the sights not only on Japan's main islands, but also on the many islands around Japan. Fly to Amami-Oshima for a great swimming and surfing holiday.

More information on tours and excursions learn in my trip report.

Hong Kong holiday

Hong Kong vacation, Disneyland

Viewpoints on Hong Kong Island and attractions. Find out more about the nightlife and the highlights during a vacation in Hong Kong. My China Travel Reports help you in your vacation planning in China and other countries of Asia. Discover great bars and clubs in the nightlife of Hong Kong. Experience an exciting family vacation day at Disneyland Hong Kong.

China holiday

China Vacations & Travel, Beijing

Experience unforgettable landscapes of China. In and around the capital Beijing, there are great destinations such as the forbidden City, the Royal Palace, the Great Wall of China. China City's offer beautiful skyline and parks. Find out more about holidays and trips by China in my China trip report.

Malaysia vacation

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, travel tours.

Malaysia travel is not only a destination for the whole family but also for backpackers. Have a great family vacation to the huge caves in Malaysia. Visit the capital Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia or treat yourself to a great holiday in the modern city Singapore. In my trip to China report they learn more about the holiday tours and adventure trips for planning your vacation.


Welcome to my website for Asia Travel! 

Find Asia Travelogues of holiday traveling around Asia. 

About Thailand tours, adventure trips and family vacations can be found on trips to Asia. Great movies and information about excursions and attractions to help you with your travel plans!

I take more and more time for long journeys across the countries of Asia. My trip reports to help you in your travel planning!


I want to find attractions and highlights for you from all the countries of Asia and report on it. In my travelogues and reports on holiday trips to Asia, You can check the details on the trips as read prices for tickets and more tips. 

Add to my stay and destinations especially includes the countries of  China , Japan , Thailand , Laos, Myanmar ,Malaysia , Indonesia, the Philippines and India. Large cities and metropolises such as Singapore , Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok , Hong Kong , Beijing and many other also arouse my interest. 


In my holiday reports learn more about the nightlife (nightlife), shopping malls and the life in the cities. What fascinates me on trips to Asia, the construction of impressive skyscrapers and breath-taking views? I like to enjoy of viewpoints, especially at dusk, the view of the skyline in my travels.

Of course, I test for you accommodations and hotels on my vacation traveling around Asia. I report on my trips to Asia through good and bad travel agents and what to look for. Whether concealed in Phuket or Pattaya, here are no Trick`s!


Hotels and flights find / book tours Asia

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Holiday pictures, travel videos and photos from trips to Asia

In my photo album / Pictures I show you pictures from the holiday travel. Photos can be found on the various pages of my website, Asia travel. My travel videos and home movies from my trips to Asia can you among popular videos , or directly on my YouTube channel Ran dy view. My excursion reviews about the beautiful islands and beautiful beaches of  Koh Phi Phi,  James Bond Island , Koh Samet, Koh Chang, Koh Larn, Koh Sichang and Japan, show you great destinations for adventure travel.


What else do you want on Asia travel knowledge?!

  • What sights and attractions can be found on the tours to see?
  • What food and drink to love and prefer the locals?
  • Where are popular and not yet crowded by tourists resorts?
  • What are the best vacation and travel highlights?
  • Tips and tricks in the different countries the sale of products for your travels.
  • What you can do with your travel and tours around Asia?
  • Which currency need me in the countries?
  • Do I need a visa and where can I get the visa from?
  • What are the options for Internet and telephone in Asia?
  • Where can you get free internet when traveling through Asia?
  • For round trips and family trips and book? On TravelBooking !!


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Thailand Travel, Thailand holidays, Thailand Tours

Experience great travels through Asia and visit Kanchanaburi  in Thailand and the popular Erawan National Park!Read all about my adventure tours in Thailand, over the reservoir of the dam Si Nahkarin and nights on the houseboats in my Thailand trip report! Hotels and accommodation in Kanchanaburi looking for? Learn from the best accommodation and hotels in my holiday reports. Buses to Kanchanaburi? Taxis, transfers and travel options in Kanchanaburi / Thailand? Internet in Thailand? This and much more can be found in my report travel!


China vacations, China Tours, China Travel

Get a grasp of traveling through China . What sights and highlights China has to offer and looks like the nightlife / nightlife in the cities of China. Discover China Travel and China tours for your next holiday destination. All information is available travelogue in my China. In my China trip report you will see pictures of spectacular sights.


Japan Travel, Japan Vacation, Japan Tours

Experience Japan and visit the beautiful cities, beaches and mountains at a Japan holiday. Find out more about Japan's highlights and viewpoints in my Japan trip report. Japan Tours and Japan vacations are not just for single travellers but also a beautiful destination for a family holiday.


Malaysia Holidays, Malaysia Tours, Malaysia Travel

Holiday Malaysia. Take a family and hiking holiday in a tour of Malaysia. Learn landmarks and popular destinations as well as highlights of Malaysia Malaysia in my travel report. For a family holiday Malaysia Travel and Malaysia tours and sightseeing are very suitable.


Myanmar tours Myanmar holidays Myanmar Travel

Read my Myanmar trip report of a great interested adventure vacation by Myanmar. Myanmar is also known under the name Burma. There are countless tours and Myanmar Myanmar to book travel for a short and long vacation. The Myanmar tours are popular destinations for a family holiday and for hikers, the impressive temple. Read more about the temples in my Myanmar trip report.


Maldives holiday, Maldives Tours, Maldives Travel

The Maldives is a dream paradise for everyone. Looking for a romantic beautiful dream vacation for your honeymoon? Then you are exactly right in the Maldives for bathing and relaxing holiday! You can find more in my Maldives travel report. Information can be obtained in the Maldives travel report from a holiday Maldives and Maldives travel as well as highlights and islands. The Maldives is also ideal for a surfing holiday and offer the best conditions for a snorkel and adventure holidays. Among the beautiful Maldives excursions include the sightseeing from the air by seaplane over the island and atolls landscape.


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